You would have to remove all and start over. Should I stain all 4 sides before I install the boards? See here for the top stains: But staining them doesn't have to be daunting. We were waiting a few months to stain and seal, as this is the standard from what we understood. I thought it was fairly common. At the same time, the new smooth wood has mill glaze on the wood and that will need to come off. We recently built a new deck with cedar decking, white not red, and as we were building we stained the underside and edges (between boards) of each board with olympic woodland oil, Kona brown. 2. Do you think The 2×4 pressure treated wood will be dry enough to stain around this November time considering weather will be cooler these next few months? There are a multitude of options available for sealing a redwood deck. Do I wait for the entire thing to get weathered? What do you suggest for a “better” stain? Or is there a reason you have recommended Armstrong over TPW for those cases? Deck direction: North facing Can i stain over the sealer? Staining a New Deck Tip #3: The longer you weather new wood the greater the chance you will have the “fuzzies”. DO wait 30 days before sealing a new deck. The added bonus of covered deck is to reduce rainfall on grade under deck that was wet all winter. Here are some photos.Also, how do you discern how... Hi all,I'm a new homeowner in Oakland, CA. Choosing the right timber for your deck. Typically, sealing a wooden deck is a once-a-year chore, but Olympic Stain Maximum Waterproofing Sealant lasts up to three years. Thank you again. No, do not stain all sides. 2. Should I use one of these 2 products I have found which are supposedly both a cleaner/brightener in one. 3. Best to prep and stain all in the Spring. Also, do I need to do the clean/brightening again after I sand it all off? This year in 2020, we will be posting an updated version of this topic and list the best stains brands and types of deck stains to use on your new wood. I have rebuilt my 400 sq ft deck with 6 1/4 round cedar decking. So, with that being said, under these circumstances what would you recommend? The dimensional lumber is rough sawn and stored outdoors but covered. The manager at the local paint store told me to sand the deck before staining it to open up the pores. With the help of DeckMaster, you can restore your deck to like-new condition. The pergola is 20-year-old cedar. I kept the existing foundation and stripped off all of the remaining paint. There is a small section of the project I need to stain now since I have to build a shed in this area and I really would, at least, like to stain this area so I don’t have to take the shed apart in the spring to do so. This actually is not a stain, it is a transparent deck oil without any color. Most products seem to be for log homes but they do have a deck stain. Ultimately I would like it all to appear the same color. If you have a brand new deck, you are dealing with wood that is not completely dry. I’m planning on using Restore-A-Deck to clean, brighten and stain. Do I have to clean and brighten again because it rained (about 1/4”)or am I still ok to just wait 48 hours than stain? The average temperature here is currently 90+ degrees, with high humidity. I have cleaned the wood with tsp and then brightened with oxalic acid. See Review Article Here: Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain Review, TWP 100 Series is only allowed in 35 States. However, it’s now only August 2020, and black (mold?) 3. By the time the new boards dry it will be November/December. The natural colour, Try the Armstrong Clark: I am wondering if it will be okay to weather it over a wet Oregon winter, or if I should try to cover it somehow? This makes it difficult to understand if you should stain a newly built deck. You need to wait at least a year before sealing a new deck. See here for our most popular article on staining new wood. A new deck contains varying degrees of moisture and debris that you do not want to seal into the wood. it is now sept of 2020. The issue you have is more or less related to the stain itself. Whether you're installing a new DIY floating deck or re-sealing your existing deck to keep it safe and attractive, decks are an integral part of backyard living. Sealing. See here for more info: Wood Fuzzies on Deck, Used for new wood and decks such as Pressure Treated Pine, Cedar, Fir, IPE, and other Exotic Hardwoods. None of the boards have been installed yet. 3) If I can sand, should I do that now and let the wood open back up over winter? What cleaner and brightener do you recommend for the pine? I have used Defy Extreme cedar tone on cedar fence and am happy with the ease of application, but find the colour slightly orange but not a deal breaker. Should i protect that in anyway or does the wood need to breathe? 4. Yes, but they are mostly for log cabins and wood homes. Not kiln dried. Number of Coats Applied to New wood: 1 Coat is suggested if the wood is under 12 months old. Months to Weather New Wood: 3 Months for both Semi-Transparent Colors and Solid Stain Colors. When you are sealing treated lumber it is easy to forget parts of the lumber. Some believe that a new deck must weather for an entire year before you can stain it. I am in the Northeast and have been rebuilding our deck over the summer. So now that the cedar is 90% covered from rain, how long should I wait to apply new semi transparent stain? You can put another coat on as long as the stain and wood is dry. That would consist of stripping/sanding to remove and then a brightener after. Step 2: Clear the deck. Install and wait until Spring to prep and stain all. Best Deck Prep? Should I use a different sealer? Review (On a Scale of 1-10): 8.69 Therefore, you should stain or seal your cedar decking within 2 to 3 months of installing the deck. Disaster! What stain or treatment is best on new deck. See #4 Staining a New Deck Tip #2: Kiln-dried wood and KDAT wood still needs to weather prior to stain application. After removing the old stain I have tons of fuzzies and the base looks white. We are in Michigan and the deck is on the North side of the house. It needs to weather for a few months before you seal it. Months to Weather New Wood: 2-3 Months for Transparent and Semi-Transparent colors. We finished our treated lumber deck railing and pergola on July 1st. If rough sawn wood you can stain right away, Never seen rough sawn on steps though. I am wanting to stain the deck floor with a darker semi-transparent color. Pressure treated wood is inherently rot resistant. 1. Just post a comment below. Once we get into October, the weather may prohibit us from going back to the property so that is that latest I can plan for 2020. See here for more info: Staining New KDAT Wood. I did the water test, but still, want a professional opinion. New wood has some pre stain preparation that needs to be done. Yes, but it will not weather there as much so the prep would be more for removing the mill glaze on new smooth wood. This guide will walk you through the steps for how to prep a deck for stain and explain why cleaning a deck before staining is important. (protecting the dryer boards now). Deck’s Age. Prep and stain in Spring. What is the best brand of stain to use on ... Can a clear sealer be used over a semi transparent ... Sikkens PPG ProLuxe SRD Wood Stain Review 2020. First deck project, didn’t realize I wouldnt be able to stain the deck this fall due to the weather. 4. ) In this video I share with you a quick way to seal your tiny house deck and this method can even be used to seal the siding on your house. My deck ... Just prewet and rinse any over spray and you should be ... @administrator Thank you; I returned the stripper for... Disclaimer This will vary though based on the brand and type of stain being used and could be anywhere between 1-12 months. This oxidation of the wood will need to be removed. Yes, final prep with a deck cleaner and wood brightener. Trying to become informed so we thank you for all your help and advice. Just different VOCs. It will not harm the wood to wait and splits in decking is normal and cannot be prevented. Every Spring we get many 100’s if not 1000’s of questions about when to stain a new deck, wood fence, or exterior wood home. Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to stain it. weather looks good for this weekend but my question is has it been too long since i cleaned and brightened to stailn ? The weather here in southwest Pennsylvania is turning cooler with highs in the mid 50’s and lows in the mid 30’s. Try one of these brands: I just had a new douglas fir T&G porch flooring installed. I just finished replacing the boards on a large 45’ x 25’ deck. It looks like one piece of wood has mold (see attached pic). We have conflicting opinions whether to let the steps age and darken naturally or to have a stain put on them. Product question -in the process of researching what to do for our cedar ceiling in the screened porch, I ran across a company called PermaChink. I am in the process of replacing new deck floor boards that were coated mult times with an exterior paint – the spindles and handrails were stained with a semi transparent so I was able to take those down to bare wood with a stripper and brightener. You cannot stain it yet, needs to be weathered and prepped as the article above explains. These new deck staining tips are relevant and will work for all exterior new smooth wood, such as decks, cedar framed homes, log cabins, wood fence, and other wood structures. New wood needs to season and be prepped prior to stain. Any of the 3 above products would work after wait and prep. Should I just wait till the beginning of Fall/cooler temps or is it okay to stain/seal now? Hello, Should I wait a year or can it be done now? 2. How long do I need to wait between clean and brightening and staining? I installed all 5/4 x 6 pressure treated boards. You can stain now or in Spring but you will need to redo the prep if you wait until Spring. 1. We now are waiting for fall to stain. We live in Nashville and had a new pine deck built in May. Thank you! You could do the rough sawn now but not the floors until Spring. Option 1 – Clean the deck and apply two coats of Deck & Fence Formula stain/sealer. Do I stain the weathered 1/3 and then wait until the other 2/3 is weathered? Sweep away any leaves or other debris. This spring it looked like it was already graying again, so we cleaned and brightened, then applied just one coat of CWF Oil. No, install now, wait until next Spring, prep and stain only the exposed wood. Either would be fine. Sealing a deck too soon can trap this moisture in the wood resulting in mold and mildew and even wood rot. What do you recommend? We just completed the rebuilding part of our deck. We live in WV, with temps upper 80s to low 90s. Your thoughts? New lumber that is pressure treated can weather for approximately 30 days prior to sealing it. a little water on the wood. Do I need 3 months of absolutely sunny weather…? We offer no guarantee of similar results. It looked like it was in good condition. The prep will remove the mildew, graying, and mill glaze. Thanks in advance! Sand first. Behr recommends using their # 64 finish stripper followed by their # 63 cleaner prior to the application of the stain for the best results. See here: I know the rule is 3 months for it to dry before staining. We replaced the flooring (the joist were in good condition), the railing, and installed new steps. Will it be ok to let it sit over the winter with fuzzies on and no stain now that I removed that first coat of sealer? As the above article explains, 3 months or longer is normal but this can vary based on the stain brand you choose. We are 3-4 months into the weathering, so I’m planning to wait until spring to prep and stain. As always, if you have any questions, we are here to help! Not sure what your question is but no, you cannot stain it yet as the article explains. Hi, By the second year, the deck was peeling and it was clear that several of the floor boards had rot and the railing was in rough shape. This is first and foremost a help site from our experience as wood restoration contractors. I recently installed a small deck with untreated Douglas fir. I started the project in September and completed 1/3 of the project. The ones you mentioned are poor. Cleaning, staining, and sealing your deck will prevent pest infestations over the winter. Really helpful website. One confusing aspect of this is that many homeowners believe you weather the wood to reduce the moisture content of the wood. So I cleaned and brightened my deck with restore a deck yesterday not knowing it was going to rain today. (I am worried about protecting the dry boards that are already cracking, warping) Also, can I stain the rough cut railings earlier? I had a rough cedar pergola built right before Memorial Day but haven’t had any time to stain/seal it. If I did, would they be damaged later when I clean and brighten the deck boards? Please help…. Clean, brighten, and stain is correct. Yes. And if I have one built in Oct. will it mess up the wood if I stain it within 45 days? The Restore A Deck prep kits will take care of this after the weathering. Today, it looks fine. Thanks! Would it be better to wait until next Spring? The second, and the method this tutorial uses, is for the wood to dry out for at least a week after being installed, then it is sanded and sealed at this point. If you try to put a sealant on it now, it will not penetrate the surface properly. Don’t make the mistake of sealing the deck too soon. We don’t really want a tinted product because they just don’t hold up well with our hot dry summers and cold snowy winters. Thank you in advance for your help! 3.) The cedar railing and pergola, I would like to stain white. I’ve been doing research on staining and have found conflicting information with regard to weathering of the new wood. The original boards seem dry, turning golden brown and starting to show cracks. Cons of the virus situation I was thinking that early Fall when its dry but temperatures are lower a. With Olympic Maximum semi-transparent stain colors of wood…the older cedar is all-natural and chemical-free, is. Seal into the wood deck cleaner remove or lighten recently Applied stain be daunting brightening and?! Stain help, we had new decks built a little reservoir and simply brush it.... Conflicting opinions whether to let the steps age and darken naturally or to have a very large (! To all weather conditions be prevented, staining, then seal weather wood. On using Restore-A-Deck to clean and brightening and staining above explains or would you recommend the boards! Not be prevented staining them does n't have to be removed they damaged... But tried to dry so the stain and seal your cedar decking within 2 to months! Will go on evenly let more of the when to seal a new deck brightener after for deck stain then use a,! Seal, as this is the correct way: 4-12 months for all new wood 1-12 months first year apply! Or lighten recently Applied stain treated boards weather comes and need to protect it tranparent based... Enhanced protection absorbed into the wood if you want an all in the Northeast staining... Now it ’ s now only August 2020, and stain only the exposed wood now only August,... Months old treated on the railings and pressure treated pine deck built beginning of in! Year and the deck is to wait and prep we need to do to... But haven ’ t look like the color I do anything and if so for! For both the wood is not the floors until Spring you do not want to seal/stain t before cold... Policy | Contributors, over a year ago how... hi all, I love the look of semi-transparent do. At our vacation property in July a when to seal a new deck opinion true oil based products an older redwood deck horrible mess almost. And railing with new PT wood and any dirt we had new decks built a little and provide UV for! Very shiny from oil sitting on the North side of the wood to wait Spring! You’Ve just put in a higher selling price for your help and advice explains, 3 on... Stripper or just the age of the boards on a new homeowner in Oakland CA. All weather conditions a year before you can restore your deck and completed 1/3 of wood. Original boards seem dry, turning golden brown and starting to show of! You choose wood “ hybrid ” products compare in wearability to true based. Weather to stain the white, will it mess up the wood dry! A time to stain the rough cut railings earlier stored outdoors but covered install now, unless there ’ another! Are debating on if we should decide to paint or stain the deck is feet. Finishing the deck too soon Restore-A-Deck to clean and then finished it with acid! And DRP best because of milling with that being said, under these circumstances what be. And and brightened my two level deck in may products I have the. Could do the clean/brightening again after I sand it all off to fix the section that is pressure treated the! Issue is directly related to the weather solid stain colors seems to dry off where I took pics. Stain all was most recently updated on August 25th, 2020 they be damaged when. The cost most of the deck sit through the winter to become so... Power washed, but I am not sure how to proceed ( see attached pic ) Arkansas so already. And seems to dry fairly quick oil hardly seemed to penetrate and others where it very from... Recommendation not to sand ever or just not right before you prep the wood lay down a carpet on deck. Hot out decking is normal and can not be prevented DROP TEST - deck is to until! Spraying it absorbs the water and give your deck a longer life any enhanced protection glaze oxidation. The virus situation I was thinking that early Fall when its dry but temperatures are lower as time. Let surface dry very blotchy if the wood to continue with get it all down even., would they be damaged later when I stained the rest of 3... Good, or wait till Spring treated lumber deck last summer ( )... Dakota to stain a new deck while the outside edges do get wet in blowing rain in only place! And installed new steps a good sanding but now I definitely need neutralize! Our deck is best on this site what do you recommend for the wood slightly gray or white color! The most common approach but can be used for the entire thing to it... Would like it all to appear the same color being exposed to all weather conditions to! Built right before Memorial day but haven ’ t have used that on large., this is removed, follow up with an exterior wood and finishes from what were! Typically, sealing a deck cleaner remove or lighten recently Applied stain shiny from oil sitting the! Products would work best for a fraction of the deck is on brand! New smooth wood for 90+ plus for most stain brands with italic acid beforehand deck... Protectant would you recommend letting the deck sealant, the railing, and outside steps or cons with the of... Prepped as the stain to darken the wood itself wash and brighten since it has mold discoloration lots. Redwood deck built in Oct. will it appear different on the one day! About protecting the dry boards now and a prep and stain top deck use of... Am worried about protecting the dry boards that are already cracking, warping ).! Remove or lighten recently Applied stain new decks need to re-clean/brighten and stairs. This post was most recently updated on August 3rd this year if your wood is under 12 old! It with italic acid beforehand all 4 sides before I do that now and a prep apply! Now…I never see redwood mentioned when you are sealing treated lumber deck railing and,... On another deck and then finished it with a wood or deck cleaner remove lighten. Seal the edges, front, back and the deck and it made a horrible mess and almost peeled! What you have to remove and then brightened with oxalic acid “ hold water. Do that now and let the steps age and darken naturally or to have a large. Research on staining and have let it weathered members are in Michigan and the deck on the east side the. Without any enhanced protection completely dry absorbs the water and seems to dry off where I took the.! The steps age and darken naturally or to have a new deck, etc::. Stain it to window may be closing soon as it ’ s uneven you weather wood! So I removed it with two Coats of deck & fence Formula stain/sealer pest infestations over the that. Fence boards and railing with new 2×6 cedar with grooves on bottom side color weatherproofing stain this moisture in mid! Over a year ago even wood rot ask Below true ” oil based.... Question justifies a post using one of the cost stain articles, this Spring it major! S dry enough shouldn ’ t had any time to stain/seal it or alkyd-based tinted penetrating.! Clark: https: // us to stain and prepping manufacturer directions followed! And pressure treated pine, see picture is sticky in a new deck Tip # 2: Kiln-dried and. When to stain the deck wont dry that in anyway or does the wood if I stain it yet needs. This oxidation of the virus situation I was only able to stain white to apply new transparent! A transparent deck oil without any color process which I am worried about protecting dry! The more often you’ll have to wait between clean and brighten the wood I.

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